Seagreen Barge Grillage Outfittings

Fabrication and complex seafastening of grillages for the installation of offshore wind turbine jackets. Total weight over 600Te per barge.

PUS Structure Refurb

Fabrication and Refurbishment inclusive of Rotating Frame (worked on at quayside), Longitudinal & Transversal Skidding Tracks & Cradles.

Clevis Tensioning System

Fabrication of 8 No. Clevis Tensioners with Hydraulic Cylinders & Radius Protection Fairings.

Storage Tank and Spools

Fabricate, test and coat 4x Holding Tanks for brine and oil storage along with Saddles and associated Pipework.

4″ Piping Scope

Successfully fabricated, coated and delivered to extremely tight deadline these drain spools and supports.

100+Te Subsea Manifolds

Fabrication of 3 subsea manifolds. We successfully delivered to the quayside these 100+ tonne structures concurrently, without any lost time safety incidents or welding repairs.

EPRS Welding Habitat

Fabricate, Test, Coat and Site Integrity Testing of Divers Habitat and deployment equipment.

150m Gas Main Fabrication & Installation

Partial offsite Fabrication of New 6” Gas Main. Onsite Installation, Welding, Testing and Coating of 150m Main located on the underside of Fochabers Road Bridge.

150Te Tensioner Build

The build consisted of the following: Base frame, 2 x Upper Segments, 2 x Lower Segments. Total weight of the unit 34Te. All electrical and hydraulic brackets were fitted on site, which allowed the unit to go direct to coating thus saving time & costs to the client.