4″ Piping Scope

Successfully fabricated, coated and delivered to extremely tight deadline these drain spools and supports.

100+Te Subsea Manifolds

Fabrication of 3 subsea manifolds. We successfully delivered to the quayside these 100+ tonne structures concurrently, without any lost time safety incidents or welding repairs.

J-Tube and Bell Mouth

Completed and delivered for a project in Australia.

Diesel Tank Shipping Frames

Fabricate 2x tank shipping frames.  Fit out and trial lifts on site prior to load out.

EPRS Welding Habitat

Fabricate, Test, Coat and Site Integrity Testing of Divers Habitat and deployment equipment.

150m Gas Main Fabrication & Installation

Partial offsite Fabrication of New 6” Gas Main. Onsite Installation, Welding, Testing and Coating of 150m Main located on the underside of Fochabers Road Bridge.

150Te Tensioner Build

The build consisted of the following: Base frame, 2 x Upper Segments, 2 x Lower Segments. Total weight of the unit 34Te. All electrical and hydraulic brackets were fitted on site, which allowed the unit to go direct to coating thus saving time & costs to the client.

Reels & Saddle Frames

Fabrication of 4x Reel & Saddle frame sets.

Gas Injection Project Chad

Fabrication, sea freight packaging and installation support on more than 100,000kg of structural steel.  Fabricated in 650+ individual components allowing it to be shipped from the UK to Chad for successful installation.

15m x 12m 140Te Gas Export Plem Structure

Complete build, coat, outfit and test Gas Export PLEM structure c/w 10” diameter tie in spools

Horizontal Pipe Lay System

Complete build and installation onto vessel of Horizontal Lay System and ancillary equipment.

150Te Valve Skid Structure

Complete build, test and delivery to vessel of Valve Skid & Tie in Spools.

Subsea 8” Pipeline & Valve Protection Structure

Fabricate, Coat and Test 8” Replacement Pipeline & Valve Protection Structure.

8Te Boat Landing Ladder

Complete fabrication of 14m long ladder structure with grouting & friction clamps.  Walkway structure also fabricated to tie in to existing deck structure. For decommissioning project.

Chemical Mixing Plant & Wash Stations

Design support, fabrication & installation of more than 40Te of structural steel, in excess of 7km of piping. Majority stainless steel 316L. This was achieved with No Onsite Welding (NOW).

Emergency Scour Gate Refurb

Remove, Refurbishment & Reinstall Roller Gate, Ropes, Pulleys and Rope Drums.  Install New Hydraulic Gearbox Drive Motor.

Dispersal Valve Emergency Gate Refurb

Manufacture Removal Structure.  Refurb Roller Gate Components & Gate Winch Unit.  Manufacture & Install Winch Guarding, Gate Guide Extensions / Sprags & Gate Control System.

Dispersal Valve Refurb

Dispersal Valve & Drain Valve Removal, Refurbishment & Replacement. Compensation Valve Removal & Replacement. Blasting, Painting & NDT of Scour Pipe. Offsite and Onsite Testing / Commissioning.

Intake Screens & Screen Cleaner Replacement

Removal of existing and installation of new Intake Structure and Stoplogs.  Installation of new Automatic Screen Cleaning System. Testing and commissioning of refurbish struts.

Drum Gate Strut Gear Refurb

Manufacture sub-frame to support 157 ton drum gate. Installation of support frame and jacking system. Dismantle and refurbishment of strutting system. Testing & Commissioning.

24” Pipeline Replacement

24” diameter concrete coated tie in spools. Fabricated from 1” thick high strength carbon steel.  

Subsea Tie In Spools

Fabricate, coat and test 2”, 4”, 6” and 12” diameter 22% Cr Duplex tie in spools and strongbacks

65 Metre 42″ Riser Caisson

Complete build, test and delivery to vessel of 42″ Riser Caisson & Hang off Clamps.

54 Metre 30″ Riser Caisson

Complete build and delivery to vessel of 30” riser caisson & hang off clamps.

LB200 Pipelay Barge Upgrade

Prefabricate and install pipework for engine room upgrade. Weld on new pipe ramp stinger jacking rails.